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Who Is Hollywood?

In the late 80's, DeRon "Hollywood" Shepherd caught the attention of local residents with his dance moves playing the cymbals. This caused many young kids to want to do the same thing. DeRon then acquired the name Hollywood in the late 1990s. Being called Hollywood was not a name he wanted at first, he was given the name by his peers because of his flamboyant style playing the cymbals.

As of 2011, he has a large following of people nationwide that either want to learn how to twirl and spin cymbals or just love watching what he has set in stone. He has produced and directed his first independent documentary film titled Zildjian GoeZ Hollywood. The film is based on marching bands in the South with an emphasis on cymbals and percussionist. It depicts the history of cymbals, the art of twirling and spinning cymbals, the cymbal organizations in HBCU colleges (Z Phi Z/Kartal Inc.) and high schools (Kartal Karriers) across the United States. Also, he is the president of Z Phi Z/Kartal Inc., a college/graduate organization for cymbal players across the country. He is the founder of Kartal Karriers (KK), a non-profit middle/high school organization that is an extension of Z Phi Z/Kartal Inc. where students learn the fundamentals of playing cymbals, reading music, and life skills.

The one thing about DeRon "Hollywood" Shepherd is... there is nothing "Hollywood" about him. His birth name "DeRon" comes from the Armenian culture meaning, "A great man-a gift of God". Being that God is the ultimate cymbal maker. That would make him a "Son of a cymbal maker" - Zildjian

DeRon Hollywood Shepherd

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